Free counters

If you have a homepage, you would like to know how many people has been on your page. That is not a very big problem, because there are many places on the WWW, where you can get a free counter. Here a some...

LE Fastcounter-The banner service, LinkExchange now offers a free counter. Itīs pretty anonymous when you see it on a site. So if you dont want a big and colorful counter then try this. (You can though change the colors if you like).

TheCounter-A pretty good looking counter! You can always click on the counter, and then see your stats. This counter is`nt bad!
I-Counter-With this counter, you can choose if you want the stats to be shown on your site. Many different colors to choose from.
Jcount-This counter is based on Java, and sometimes they can be a litle slow to load.

NedStat-With NedStat you can see where your visitors come from. They give you a lot of statistics, about your site.
Claim itFor-This counter provides you with the total number of times the page was requested, the total number of days of tracking, average requests per day, total requests per day of the week, total requests per hour of the day, total requests from top level domains, listing of all domains, list of the last 20 visitors.

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