Free E-mail

Itīs a great to have a (free) E-mail adress on the web. Because you can check it anytime and anywhere. The only thing you need is access to the Internet, and then youīre ready to get some mail!! Here are some of the most popular Free E-mail providers on the Internet.
Net@dress-Example on your e-mail adress:

Hotmail-A very poular e-mail service, powered by Microsoft. Example on your e-mail address:

909 mail-This is a danish service, that offers free E-mail address.

Iname-At Iname you can also pay for your e-mailīs name. For example YOU@DOCTOR.COM. But there are also some free names!

Yahoo! Mail-Yahoo! now also offers a free E-mail adress. Example on your E-mail address:

My Own E-mail-Here is a lot of different names to choose from.

Other E-mail providers

Mail City

Flash E-mail