Free Homepages

WeŽve found so many places on WWW, where you can get a free homepage, that thereŽs too many to list `em here!
There are many sites, who offers free space for your site. Usually they offer about 1-10 Mb, but there are a few who offers more. WeŽve tried to list so many as possible.

Freeservers-Here youŽll get 20 Mb, a counter for your page and your own e-mail address.

Angelfire-This big free-web-page-service offers you up to 5 Mb space. They got their own Graphics directory, and thats free for you to use.

Free Yellow-This service offers you up to 12 Mb space, but they got a lot more free stuff than that: E-mail, counter, Cgi-scripts and graphics! Everything is free!

50megs-The name says it all. You can get 50 Megs for your homepage! Wauw!

Fortunecity-FortuneCity is a small city on the WWW. They offer you up to 10Mb space. BUT! They will display a banner-ad on top of your page!

Geocities-At Geocities you can get a Web page with a 5 Mb limit. But youŽll also have to put commercials on your site. At Geocities the ads comes in a "pop up window".

Netby-A danish webspace provider!

Pi-Web-Another danish webspace provider, which FreeBee uses!