Free Java..and Java-script

Every Webmaster would like to have some "life" on their homepage. That is easy if you know how to make Java, or Java-script. But if you cant handle Java, there a many free applets or examples on the Web.
FreeWareJava-Here is a lot of free Java applets. Also tutorials and zines.

Javascript World-Here is a lot of help to get, if you are new in the world of Java-script. Discussion group and a lot more.

The Joe Flow Page-"Joe Flow" got some great java applets. Totally free for you to download!

Java Script source-This page got everything you can only dream about! And it´s all free. Just copy the code, and you´re ready to put some Java on your page. This site got everything!!

Demicron-Demicron offers you a lot of Java applets and Scripts totally free for you to download.

Other Java sites

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